Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o.

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Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o.


Amberg Engineering Slovakia, Ltd. Bratislava is aware of responsibility for establishing and maintaining a quality management system as well as customer satisfaction, therefore we accept the following:


Meeting the legitimate demands of the customer and gaining their confidence by providing and implementing quality design and engineering services.

Creating conditions for the proper functioning of the quality management system created in accordance with standards EN ISO 9000 and continually improving its effectiveness.

Monitoring and evaluating our activities affecting the quality of the final design or services we provide.

Implementing system of staff training that enhances their awareness on quality and quality policy.

Invest in improvement of the company seat in order to provide creative environment for quality design work and smooth implementation.

Allocate resources for the implementation of quality design work, engineering services and construction supervision.

By further education of employees aiming to understanding that each of them represents our company and their work, behaviour and presence helps to increase the company credibility and meet the quality objectives.


Environment Policy Statement is the basic document presenting approach of the company and its employees to the environment. Amberg Engineering Slovakia, Ltd. recognizes that the care for the environment is an inseparable part of our daily activities. In accordance with the principles of sustainable development of the company, by gradual creation and implementation of environmental programs we will:

• Meet the requirements of all applicable laws, rules and regulations on environmental protection, and other requirements that protect the environment, to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

• Prevent the pollution of air, water, soil and excessive waste generation, at the introduction of new technologies to evaluate the potential impacts and risks to the environment.

• Continually reduce the negative impacts on the environment due to our activities, to provide the improvement of environmental situation, prevent pollution and to improve the working environment of employees.

• To minimize the negative impacts of our activities, products and services on the environment.

• To expand the awareness on environmental protection among employees.

• Expecting from our business partners active approach to environmental protection.

• To communicate with the general public, interested parties and cooperate with government authorities.

• By regular reviews of established environmental policy we will assure continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

Policy on Environment shall enter into force on 01/10/2009 by its publication. Policy on Environment is mandatory for all employees of Amberg Engineering Slovakia, Ltd. Care for the environment is a matter of each employee. Everyone at their own level is responsible for protecting the environment.


The declared policy is the principal document showing the attitude of the whole company management and their staff regarding the health and safety at work while providing their services. The company undertakes to the following:

• Health protection and safety at work (thereinafter HSW) is an indispensable part of the employees activity.

• By introducing the HSW management system to provide for compliance with laws, government provisions, decrees and further regulations.

• Observing the current legal regulations and provisions in order to ensure the health and safety at work.

• Ensuring the HSW is a joint responsibility of the employer and the employee. The employer declares all their staff appropriately trained and instructed in the HSW issues­ in dependence on their position.

• The employees working conditions shall be improved according to individual physical and psychological talents.

• Implementation of the HSW policy shall be provided by allotment of responsibility on each level of management and by introducing regular checks of the health and safety condition at work. Health and safety protection at work shall be provided for all staff by prevention of work injuries, illness, diseases­­ and accidents.

• In contractual relationships it shall be established that the contractual partners abide the HSW regulations in accordance with the documents and regulations accepted by Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o.

• Goals for the HSW management shall be specified, regularly reconsidered and updated if necessary. The employees shall be consulted regarding this issue.

• Constantly to improve the introduced HSW management system and its efficiency.

• To provide for appropriate resources for an effective functioning of the HSW management system and fire prevention.

HSW management is the primary responsibility on all levels of management in the whole company. The policy shall be regularly examined in order to constantly improve in this area. All employees of the company are obliged to comply with­ the declared principles. The health and safety at work management policy is effective since 01.10.2009 by its publication. The health and safety at work policy is mandatory for all employees of the company Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o.