Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o.

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Amberg Engineering Slovakia, Ltd. provides design and engineering services primarily for:

  • Underground structures (driven or cut and cover road and rail tunnels, remediation and reconstruction of tunnels, escape corridors, sewage and water tunnels, underground garages and other special underground structures including technology).
  • Geotechnics (piles, micropiles, grouting, underground walls, supporting and retaining walls, anchoring structures, special geotechnical structures, such as remediation of landslides, rock slopes, embankments, foundation underpinning, flood protection measures, soil improvement, etc.).
  • Transport structures (roads and highways, railways, bridges, culverts etc.).
  • Building construction (administrative and residential buildings, hotels, maintenance centres for roads and highways, industrial buildings, framing and distortion of facts of administrative buildings, castles and historic buildings, power plants).
  • Water works (water supply, sewer system, water tanks, tanks for clean water and wastewater, pumping stations, water treatment plants, etc.).

For all of the above we provide, create and implement:

  • technical solutions,
  • all stages of the design,
  • operating documentation,
  • guidance, consulting, assessment and expertise,
  • geotechnical supervision,
  • construction supervision,
  • construction management and engineering services,
  • geotechnical monitoring and evaluation,
  • development of standards, regulations and directives,
  • workshops and training.

About Amberg Engineering Slovakia, s.r.o.

Amberg Engineering Slovakia, Ltd. provides solutions, design, engineering service and ensures implementation of construction projects through the application of the most modern knowledge, methods, technologies and materials.

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